Rediscovering Pleasure: Overcoming Challenges in Your Sexual Life

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A lot of people experience a loss in their sexual desire during certain times in life. This can be due to a number of physical or emotional reasons, like pregnancy, hormonal changes, depression, tiredness, diabetes, and addictions.

A lot of people experience a loss in their sexual desire during certain times in life. This can be due to a number of physical or emotional reasons, like pregnancy, hormonal changes, depression, tiredness, diabetes, and addictions.

During this episode, we will explore some talking therapies, which can be helpful in managing these challenges and finding a way forward.


A lack of sexual desire is often a sign that something needs to change. A therapist with expertise in psychosexual disorders can help you identify and work through negative thoughts that can prevent you from feeling pleasure.

Many people struggle with sex anxiety, which can lead to a lack of pleasure during intimate activities. This can be a result of societal pressures to conform to certain beauty standards or past experiences, such as sexual trauma.

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To overcome this, try to connect with your body. Notice what feels good during everyday bodily sensations like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. You can also try to explore different experiences of intimacy, such as oral sex and sexual stroking. This can reignite the spark of passion. You might even want to consider discussing these ideas with your partner to increase sexual satisfaction.


Adaptability refers to the ability to change your perspective and attitude in response to changing circumstances. This can be challenging for many people, especially during times of stress and change.

Medications, physical health issues, depression, and tiredness can all impact your libido. For women, pregnancy, childbirth, and hormonal changes can also impact the way they feel about sexual intercourse.

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It’s important to remember that the only constant in life is change, and that means you have to be willing to adjust to it. If you’re not adaptable, sex may become monotonous, and your partner might lose interest. Developing flexibility and adaptability skills can help you feel more prepared to deal with these challenges. You can improve your adaptability by focusing on social flexibility, behavioral flexibility, and cognitive flexibility.


Intimate relationships can be challenging for people of all ages and genders. In some cases, sexual desire can decline over time, especially in long-term couples. This can be a sign of intimacy issues that need to be addressed. Often, this can be helped by seeking out a relationship counselor or sex therapist.

Different libidos can also be problematic for couples, leading to feelings of unmet needs or insecurity. This can be overcome by communicating openly about sexual desires and discussing how they can change over time.

It is also helpful to remember that intimacy can take many forms. There are countless non-penetrative sexual activities that can help foster intimacy and increase pleasure. This may be a good way to reignite desire while also redefining what sex means in your relationship.


Often, the side effects of cancer treatment interfere with sexual function and pleasure. Symptoms like fatigue, changes in skin tone, hair loss, and nausea can make some patients feel less attractive. Other issues, like erection problems and vaginal dryness, can also make sex more challenging.

Many patients and couples find it difficult to discuss these challenges with their partners. But open and respectful communication can help a couple overcome mismatched libidos.

Besides talking therapy, other strategies for building connection include engaging in sensate-focused activities, such as yoga, which can increase sexual desire in women. And if fatigue makes intercourse too physically demanding, there are plenty of other ways to express affection and show love, including kissing, certain touches, and thoughtful conversation. For further support, consult a certified therapist or counselor who has experience working with sexual dysfunctions.


Feeling confident and powerful can help you reach your goals. Try positive self-talk and affirmations to build a sense of empowerment.

The empowerment model is an approach rooted in the belief that individuals or groups can identify and work to overcome the structural barriers that limit their power. It includes recognizing societal norms and prejudices as well as exploring options for change.

Having a healthy sexual life requires you to connect with your physical body, which may be an extra challenge for people who’ve lost touch with their sensual side. Start by reconnecting with daily bodily pleasures. Enjoy the way your shower feels and luxuriate in everyday sensory experiences like hugging and kissing. It’s important to get your partner involved in this process as well.