CNC Tube Grooving measurement and control system hardware and servo motor selection

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CNC Tube Grooving

Embedded system as a new control system, its control superiority in the industrial field is obvious, as a low power consumption, high cost performance, high flexibility of the control core, embedded system will replace the traditional industrial computer, in the machine tool control occupies an indispensable role. Embedded measurement and control system used in industrial field, especially in the field of CNC machine tools, will bring a new round of changes for the development of CNC machine tools!

First, CNC Tube Grooving measurement and control system hardware selection

In the process of designing embedded measurement and control system with CNC Tube Grooving, the choice of embedded microprocessor is particularly important. Embedded microprocessors are based on the CPU in general-purpose computers. In order to meet the special requirements of embedded applications, although the embedded microprocessor is basically the same as the standard microprocessor in function, it has been enhanced in various aspects such as operating temperature, electromagnetic interference resistance, and reliability. Embedded microprocessors have the advantages of small size, light weight and low cost.

Second, CNC Tube Grooving servo electric selection

The CNC Tube Grooving servo motor, also known as the executive motor, is used as an executive element in automatic control systems to convert the received electrical signal into an angular displacement or angular velocity output on the motor shaft. Divided into DC and AC servomotor two categories, its main feature is that when the signal voltage is zero, there is no rotation phenomenon, and the speed decreases with the increase of torque. The servo motor mainly depends on the servo pulse to locate, the servo motor receives a pulse, it will rotate the corresponding Angle of a pulse, so as to achieve displacement, because the servo motor itself has the function of pulse, so each rotation Angle of the servo motor will emit the corresponding number of pulses, so that the pulse accepted by the servo motor echoes. Or closed loop, so that the system will know how many pulses are sent to the servo motor, and how many pulses are received back, so that the rotation of the motor can be controlled very accurately, so as to achieve accurate positioning, which can reach 0.001mm.

CNC Tube Grooving